What Is The Vagina? No Really!

In technical terms the vagina is part of the female genital tract and is classified as a sex organ. You can find it from the uterus to the vulva, which in virgin women is covered behind the hymen. The big hook link tops are referred to as the cervix, or neck of the uterus which extends out to the wall of the vagina.

This sex organ is used for childbirth and sexual intercourse. But, I’m guessing you already knew that. Another function of this body’s region is to channel the menstrual cycle flow, which is the flood of blood with shedding linings of the uterus. Depending on the woman, each vagina looks a little different as they come in all different colors and sizes.

Used for sexual pleasure, during arousal the vaginal moistens as a way to lubricate insertion of the male part. This reduces friction and allows for a much smoother penetration. Lack of lubrication due to vaginal dryness in some women can cause sex to be painful. Due to their unique texture the vaginal walls play a key part in sexual satisfaction which is exposed in these v-tight gel reviews. As friction is created during penetration the vaginal walls stimulate the penis toward ejaculation. This allows for fertilization and ultimately reproduction.

The nerve endings that are found at the entrance way to the vagina are stimulated during sexual activity and provide pleasure to the female. Many professionals believe it is this that causes the feelings of fullness and closeness to their lover. For more on that visit www.v-tightgelreviews.net soon. It is also these nerve endings that make the outer level of the vagina more sensitive than the rest. This is great when it comes to childbirth as it’s much less painful than it would be if the nerves were found on the inside of the vagina.

When a woman reaches sexual arousal the vagina becomes longer. This works by the vaginal walls expanding while the cervix retracts. Basically the upper two-thirds portion of the vagina lengthens as the uterus rises, causing a sort of ‘tenting’ of the middle of the vaginal plane. Since the walls of the vagina are elastic they are meant to be stretched on contact.